XXIX Projects | XXXI

XXXI is our workspace. But it’s also a gallery, a shop, a shared studio, an event space, a residency, a photography studio, and home to many mice.


XXIX Projects | XXXI

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We’ve had exhibitions by Playlab Inc., Wade Jeffree, Reto Moser, Grilli Type, Rachael Yeager, among others.

*We also had a show of really bad work by everyone that works in the space.

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XXXI hosts a designer in residency program where we host people who want to work on a self-initiated project for a 1-2 week stay in our front window. Past residents include: Reto Moser, Kiosk Kollektiv, Noel Leu, and Julia Schäfer.

The program is part of @telier, a project that explores modern working methods. If you’d like to participate apply here → at-elier.org.

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