XXIX Projects | Google SPAN

We worked closely with the Google Design team to create the website and digital signage system for this years installment of thier annual design conference – SPAN.


XXIX Projects | Google SPAN

01 cover full hidden xs
01 cover full visible xs
02a half

The layered “vignettes” the Google Design team created are made from a series of shapes that are based on a strict grid and color palette. They are then combined to form an infinite amount of combinations.

03b half
05 full
06 half clear
07 half
08 full

As a digital takeaway for the conference we made a screensaver out of the vignettes.

10 full
11 half
12 half
13 full cover


We played around with a few ways that the vignettes could move on screen. These are some early tests of transitions between sections we liked that used high-contrast filtering.